Spring 2021 Candidates

Submit Spring 2021 Rankings (Due December 3rd @ 5:00pm)

Congratulations! You have been selected as a candidate to participate in the Spring 2021 Engineering City Scholars cohort. Now what?

Admission into the City Scholars program is the first step in the process to becoming a City Scholar. However, you are not officially a City Scholar until you complete the following steps:

  1. Attend virtual networking events
  2. Interview with companies
  3. Match with a company

This process for Spring 2021 will look different from past semesters, due to the ongoing program changes necessitated by COVID-19.
To help you understand the process, you are encouraged to review the following resources:

Spring 2021 Timeline

November 4th – December 1st, 2020Review and interview period for companies
Weeks of November 9th and 16th, 2020Virtual Networking events
December 3rd, 2020 @ 5:00pmDeadline to submit rankings
December 4th, 2020Matches announced
January 26th, 2021First day of internship (reflects University of Illinois revised 2021 calendar)
May 5th, 2021Last day of internship

STEP ONE: Networking Events

Instead of an in-person single Networking Event, each company will host their own virtual event. You will need to sign up for a timeslot in order to attend each event. Those times and signups are posted on the Spring 2021 Corporate Partners info page.

To signup, use the link below each Corporate Partner logo. You must use your Illinois email to signup. Please only signup for events with companies you wish to intern for in the Spring 2021 cohort. This is not a time to visit with companies about future opportunities beyond the City Scholars program. These events are a chance for you to learn about the internship(s) the company is offering so that you may make an informed decision about which companies to rank and where to intern. These are not short interviews. You will be emailed a Zoom link to the event the morning of the event.

Internship descriptions are posted online. There is not time during the networking events to ask basic questions – prepare ahead of time! Review the internship descriptions and research the companies to be prepared. These internships are unique internships that are only available to City Scholar students (not available on Handshake or other job boards).

All employers have been provided access to your resume. You will not be provided with employer contact information, so please ask for that information during the networking event if you would like it.

Since these events will be taking place on Zoom, you should plan to be in a quiet place with a stable internet connection. Also, you are highly encourage to use your video, and therefore should be presentable and wearing appropriate attire; business casual is acceptable. Some employers may schedule interviews during their networking events. Be prepared in case they ask for your availability. You are expected to know your schedule so that you can schedule interviews.

STEP TWO: Interviews

Interviews are scheduled individually by each company. They will be conducted virtually any time from 11/4/20 – 12/1/20. Note that students are selected by companies for interviews, and interviews are not guaranteed.

Remember, if you sign up or give a verbal agreement to have an interview, you are to have already checked your schedule to ensure you can attend. Reminders and interview confirmations will likely not be sent to you, as there is not enough time between the scheduling and the interview. Missing a scheduled interview is not acceptable and will result in your Handshake account being deactivated.

You are encouraged to review the Interview Preparation material on the Engineering Career Services website to help you prepare for your interviews.

STEP THREE: Matching

Once interviews have been completed, you will be asked to rank your internship preferences. The ranking, which is the final step in the City Scholars process, is done online through a web form. These preferences are due Thursday, December 3rd by 5:00pm. If you no longer wish to participate in the Spring 2021 cohort, simply notify the program via email and do not submit rankings to the algorithm.

Please note that submission of your preferences indicates your full intent to participate in the Spring 2021 City Scholars program if you are matched to any of the companies you rank. Only rank a company if you would commit to working there! You may not withdraw from the program after submitting your preferences. If you are matched with an internship, you will be notified of the internship match on December 4th, 2020.

To better understand the matching process, we suggest watching this video that describes a process like the one we use.

Spring 2021 Corporate Partners

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