Interviews are scheduled individually by each company.  They will be conducted on the day of the networking event and the days following. Most of the interviews will take place on March 3rd and 4th on campus. However, a few of the companies have also opted to conduct phone/skype interviews or may have a technical aspect to their interviews. Still, others may opt not to hold interviews. All interviews are to be completed by the March 27th deadline to submit rankings to the matching algorithm.

Note that students are selected by companies for interviews, and interviews are not guaranteed.

General Interview Preparation Tips

  1. Know your skill set and prepare for specific questions. Don’t embellish, but play up your strengths. Write down your greatest accomplishments and struggles.
  2. Research the employer. Know what they do and why. Have a good understanding what the position entails. Study their website and review industry trends.
  3. For in-person interviews:
    • Dress professionally, unless told that business casual is okay. You can clarify expectations for appropriate attire when you schedule the interview.
    • Bring copies of your résumé in a professional portfolio or binder with the questions you plan on asking.
    • Be at your best during the entire experience. Anyone could have clout when it comes to hiring. Shake hands, smile, listen, answer the question that asked while finding ways to consistently showcase your skills.
  4. For phone/video interviews:
    • Arrange to be in a quiet, well-lit room, free from distractions.
    • Sit in a chair with relevant materials easily in front of you.
    • Give your sole, focused attention to your interviewer.
    • Landlines are better than shaky cell connection.
  5. Find out next steps in the hiring process, ask for their business cards, and e-mail a thank you letter within 24 hours.
  6. Stop by Engineering Career Services to practice your interview skills!
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