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A guide for City Scholars Companies to welcome interns and develop a beneficial experience for your organization and the engineering students you hire

Thank you joining the University of Illinois College of Engineering as a City Scholars corporate partner. The goal of City Scholars is to connect engineering talent from the Urbana-Champaign campus with innovative and technology-focused companies in Chicago and retain them in the future after graduation. This resource is intended to help you welcome your City Scholars interns and develop a beneficial experience for your organization and the engineering students you hire. 

Key Dates for Fall 2022 Participation

August 1, 2022City Scholars contract due, set work schedules for student interns
August 22, 2022City Scholars orientation – students NOT available for work on this day
August 23, 2022First day of internship
September 1, 2022Virtual City Scholars Welcome Webinar (optional for company partners)
September 13-14, 19, 2022University of Illinois Grainger College of Engineering In Person and Virtual Career Fair (FYI for company partners)
November 21-25, 2022Fall break – no classes for students. Students should request off work if needed.
December 7, 2022Last day of internships and classes

Expect to hear from City Scholars staff about these program elements

  • City Scholars staff will schedule a 30 minute site visit with you 4-7 weeks into the program
  • Direct supervisors will be asked to complete a brief student evaluation form by October 30th, 2022.
  • Company contacts will be asked to complete a brief satisfaction survey at the end of the program

Any concerns or issues regarding student interns should be communicated immediately to City Scholars program staff.

In addition to the material in this guide, we endorse the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ principles for professional conduct and the policies of the University of Illinois Career Services Council. (Full text may be reviewed at http://www.naceweb.org/principles/ and http://hireillini.com/recruitment-policies/, respectively.) These principles provide a framework for professional relationships among colleges/universities, employing organizations, and candidates.

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