Classes Offered for DPI Partner Universities

As a City Scholars student you will take a full course load (minimum 12 credits) of classes taught through a combination of in person classes offered in Chicago and online. Classes will be taught by faculty from University of Illinois’ Grainger College of Engineering, UIC College of Engineering, and Illinois Institute of Technology.

At least 9 credits of your course load must be classes offered specifically for City Scholars. You can take any of the classes offered in Chicago specifically for City Scholars, regardless of which university partner is offering it. Beyond your 9 required City Scholars credits, you may take additional in-person or online courses offered by your home institution as you would in a regular semester.

International students must adhere to all standards for in-person instruction just as they would for a semester on campus – for these students, a minimum of 9 credits must contain in person instruction. All City Scholar specific courses will meet this criteria

Required Courses for City Scholars from DPI Partner Institutions

TE 360/401 (Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship) – 3 credits
This is a required course for all City Scholars.

All City Scholars join together weekly to participate in interactive discussions with leaders and entrepreneurs from the Chicago tech community. Guests will represent a wide array of industries, including banking, high-frequency trading, health tech, consulting and more.  

Students can attend in person at DPI or online Thursdays from 11:00am-1:00pm

Other than required courses, what classes are offered?

Classes offered in person or specifically for City Scholars will differ slightly each semester of the City Scholars program as they do on campus. See below for classes we anticipate offering in Fall 2020 pending student demand. We try to offer consistent classes each semester whenever possible to help you plan.

FALL 2020

University of Illinois’ Grainger Engineering Courses

City Scholars classes offer exclusive sections of highly sought after Urbana-Champaign engineering courses. Many of these courses will be taught in small sections (<15 students) with full-time faculty. Group projects in many courses will give students the chance to engage with engineering students from across the campuses participating in Engineering City Scholars (Urbana-Champaign, UIC and IIT).  

TE 360+401: Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship

*Engineering City Scholars Required Course

Instructors: Andy Singer, Jed Taylor                

All City Scholars join together weekly to participate in interactive discussions with leaders and entrepreneurs from the Chicago tech community. Guests will represent a wide array of industries, including banking, high-frequency trading, health tech, consulting and more.  

Students can attend in person at DPI or online Thursdays from 11:00am-1:00pm

CS 210: Ethical and Professional Issues

Instructor: Gretchen Winter                   

This will be a small section taught by an Urbana-Champaign Gies College of Business faculty member who is located permanently in Chicago. Students can attend in person at DPI or online on Wednesdays from 12:00-3:00pm

CS 411: Database Systems

Instructor: Abdu Alawini

Students will watch recorded lectures and have synchronous discussion sessions and office hours that fit their work schedule

CS 421: Programming Languages

Instructor: Mattox Beckman        

Students will watch recorded lectures asynchronously and attend discussion section synchronously on Fridays at 2pm

CS 461: Computer Security I

Instructors: Ling Ren; Adam Bates

Lectures are synchronous online but recordings will be available for offline viewing

CS 465: User Interface Design

Instructor: Brian Bailey

Synchronous meetings online – day/time TBD  

ECE 411: Computer Organization and Design

Instructor: Jian Huang

Online lab/discussion and also a synchronous meeting at 5:00pm on Thursdays              

ECE 391: Computer Systems Engineering

Instructor: Zbigniew Kalbarczyk   

Lectures watched asynchronously; synchronous discussion and homework session on Friday morning (time TBD)

University of Illinois at Chicago Engineering Courses

CS 463. Systems Performance and Concurrent Computing. 3 or 4 hours.
Understanding the many systems factors that affect program performance, including program design for concurrent computing, profiling and program optimization. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite(s): CS 361. Recommended Background: CS 461.

CS 485. Networked Operating Systems Programming. 4 or 5 hours.
Concepts, design, and programming of multi-process and distributed systems; inter-process communications; fault tolerance; distributed programming semantics. Programming assignments and project required. Course Information: 4 undergraduate hours. 5 graduate hours. Previously listed as EECS 471. Prerequisite(s): CS 385.

CS 494– Parallel and Distributed Processing
This class explores the foundations of parallel and distributed computing. Emphasis will be laid on parallel and distributed algorithms, for basic topics ranging from graph algorithms to mutual exclusion, deadlock detection, and predicates detection algorithms, to design of communication algorithms for elementary primitives such as multicast, broadcast, scatter, gather, all‐to‐all personalized communication on distributed systems as well as clusters based on specific topologies. Basic concepts such as scalability of systems (i.e., combination of architecture plus algorithm) will also be explored. As a case study, the Message‐Passing Interface (MPI) will be introduced, and students will be exposed to programming using MPI on UIC’s Extreme cluster. Ultimately, the goal is to foster an understanding of the various ways in which concurrent actions in the system and the lack of global knowledge in the system can affect the design of parallel and distributed algorithms.

Illinois Institute of Technology Courses

CS 425Database Organization
CS 430Introduction to Algorithms
CS 440Programming Languages and Translators

CS 487
Software Engineering


Urbana-Champaign CourseTitleTransfer to UIC?Transfer to IIT?
CS 210Ethical & Professional IssuesCS 377CS 485
CS 411Database SystemsCS 480CS 425
CS 421Programming LanguagesCS 473CS 440
CS 465User Interface DesignCS 422CS 495
ECE 411Computer Organization and DesignCS 362
ECE 391Computer Systems Engineering CS 361
UIC CourseTitleTransfer to UIUC?Transfer to IIT?
CS 461Operating Systems Design and Implementation
CS 450
CS 463Systems Performance and Concurrent Computing

CS 485Networked Operating Systems Programming

CS 494: PDPParallel and Distributed Processing
CS 451 ?
IIT CourseTITLETransfer to UIUC?Transfer to UIC?
CS 425Database OrganizationYes (CS 411)CS 480
CS 430Introduction to AlgorithmsYes (CS 473)CS 401
CS 440Programming Languages and TranslatorsYes (CS 426)

CS 487
Software EngineeringYES CS 427CS 440


How are the classes delivered?
There are three ways City Scholars courses are delivered:

  • fully-online classes
  • classes are taught on campus at the participating university, lectures are recorded for City Scholars to view and faculty provide special discussion sections for City Scholars
  • in-person at Discovery Partners Institute in Chicago, specifically for City Scholars

Who teaches the classes?
Classes are taught by either University of Illinois’ Grainger College of Engineering faculty, UIC faculty, or IIT faculty depending on the course.

Where are the classes located?
During the semester you will only need to attend classes in person at Discovery Partners Institute, 200 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606.

If the class is delivered at UIC, UIUC or IIT and recorded, you may watch recorded lectures online. You are not expected to attend class physically at UIC, UIUC or IIT during this semester.

When will I know what classes will be offered?
The Fall 2020 course schedule will be available for student registration on June 1st, 2020.  

Can I take classes outside of the City Scholars classes list?
At least 9 of your credits for the semester must be from the City Scholars course list. You may take additional online or in person classes from your home institution with the permission of the professor and your academic advisor. Keep in mind that if you take non-city scholars classes their meeting times may interfere with other City Scholars program activities.

UIUC students only: You may apply for co-current enrollment for courses taught at UIC, outside of Engineering courses. Enrollment is not guaranteed.

Do I become a University of Illinois’ Grainger College of Engineering student for the semester?
No, you remain a student at your home institution.

How much does it cost to participate in the City Scholars program? Do I pay different tuition to take classes at UIC vs UIUC or IIT?
If selected there is no change to your tuition to participate in City Scholars. You will pay tuition to your home institution and be able to register for these select courses from all 3 participating universities.

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