City Scholars Matching Algorithm Instructions-Corporate Partners

Access Student Resumes Here
case sensitive password: fa22

Step 1:  Create Guest Account

A guest account is necessary to access the Ranking Algorithm tool.

Creating a new Guest Account

  • Create a guest account on using your email address
  • Create password
  • Enter First and Last Name
  • Complete Alumni Status
  • Click “Sign Up Now”

*Note: your Guest Account email address must be the same address to which the instructions were sent.

*After your guest account is created, you will be redirected to the homepage.  This homepage is a general default page – just skip past it.  You should instead go directly to the link in Step 2 below!

Step 2:  Login to Rank Students

Once your guest account is created, you can access the ranking tool at:

Ranking Instructions

  • Please review the City Scholars roster on the resume website before ranking to receive an update about any students who have withdrawn from the program.
  • Select the number of student interns desired.
    1. Indicate the maximum number you would like to hire for the same position title.
    2. If internships are available for several different position titles, separate ranking pages are provided, one for each position title.
      1. The total number of interns you are willing to hire will be the sum of the numbers you entered on the pages corresponding to the different position titles.
  • Indicate your interest in each student by ranking any and all you are willing to hire. All students initially default to a “NO”.  You must change the default setting from “NO” to a ranking of 1-5 in order to be matched with a student.
    1. Rank all top preferred candidates = 1
    2. Rank all preferred candidates = 2
    3. Rank least preferred (still willing to employ) = 5
    4. Rank a student “NO” if you will not employ them, even if it means you may not fill all of your positions.
    5. The more students you give a numerical ranking to, the more likely you are to fill all positions.
  • If there are multiple company representatives ranking students, each will require their own password/login.

Step 3:  Submit Rankings (Deadline April 22nd @ 7:00pm)

After ranking all students, select the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.  After submitting, you will automatically return to the student ranking page and the date and time you most recently submitted ranks will be displayed.   Submissions may be reviewed and adjusted prior to 7pm on April 22nd.

Step 4:  Matching and Notification

The algorithm will be run on April 25th and you will be notified of your student matches by April 26th. Once you have been notified of the match, please reach out to your student(s) formally acknowledging their placement with you as quickly as possible so that students have communicated with you by May 4th.

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