Chicago Summer Interns Program

Offer your summer interns a professional development program that immerses them into the Chicago tech scene and provides valuable networking opportunities.

This 8-week program includes weekly seminars hosted over the lunch hour at Discovery Partners Institute in downtown Chicago. Student participants will hear presentations about the Chicago business ecosystem and how tech companies are contributing to the economy. Also, students will be led by career coaches in goal-setting and reflective activities designed to enhance their internship experience.

Company benefits:

  • Engage students at a deeper level, beyond just their immediate work responsibilities
  • Promote Chicago as a place to begin their careers
  • Exposure to entire cohort of students through networking events and promotional materials

Student benefits:

  • Skill building and professional development
  • Networking with other professionals and tech leaders
  • Social engagement with each other and intro to Chicago, meeting other interns

Additional Program Information:

  • Program enrollment will be capped at 30 students for summer 2022
  • Open to undergraduate students majoring in engineering, computer science or related fields
  • Program cost to be paid by company:
    $150 per University of Illinois student
    $200 per student if from other institution

Timeline for Summer 2022 Program

May 31Deadline for companies to commit
June 13First day of program
July 22Last day of program

For More Details, contact:

Brenna Conway
Director, City Scholars Program
College of Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(312) 585-9005

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