About City Scholars

City Scholars is an initiative from The Grainger College of Engineering that leverages our nationally-renowned engineering students to build Chicago’s tech pipeline.

Juniors and Seniors within The Grainger College of Engineering compete for internships in Chicago’s tech sector in fields like software engineering, data science, trading, and analysis. Once accepted and placed with a company, City Scholars spend a semester living, working, and studying in Chicago. Students receive credit for a full course-load and are paid for their work. Companies get a first look at top students and a chance to train students throughout a 16 week semester as well as traditional summer internships.


Are you a top student who can balance living in Chicago, taking classes, and interning? Do you want to have a role in Chicago’s tech ecosystem?

Join The Grainger College of Engineering for a semester-long study and work program in Chicago. You’ll gain valuable work experience and go behind the scenes of Chicago’s tech sector.


Corporate Partners

University of Illinois Engineering graduates are fueling today’s top companies – but not enough of them are reinvesting their skills and building their careers in Chicago long term. Partnering with the City Scholars program can help corporate partners identify, hire, and retain some of the world’s most talented engineers and computer scientists to compete with coastal markets and build Chicago’s tech workforce.


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