mHUB Fall 2021 position descriptions

As we announced last month, mHUB will be offering up to 10 new City Scholars positions for Fall 2021. Interns will work with mHUB’s in-house consulting branch with teams of professional engineers on design, programming, and manufacturing projects for companies nationwide. All positions will be consistent with City Scholars criteria – students will work 20 hours per week, receive $25/hour, and explore Chicago’s tech ecosystem. All positions will be in person in Chicago for Fall 2021.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these roles, please sign up for networking event on June 15th from 1-3pm (This event will be same in structure as the other networking events held earlier this year for the Fall 2021 cohort)

If you cannot attend the networking event, contact Charles Neiss for more information on next steps.

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