Spring 2021 City Scholars Virtual Networking Events

Corporate Partners,

Thank you for registering for a Spring 2021 Virtual Networking Session.  

These events give you the chance to meet the students who have been pre-screened for City Scholars participation. It is also an opportunity for our students to make a short first impression, and ask questions they may have in hopes of advancing in your City Scholars interview process.

  • This virtual event is not an interview. This is a career fair style event meant to replace our in-person large scale networking event due to COVID.
  • Meetings should be brief introductions, roughly 3 minutes per candidate like a career fair.

Helpful links:

See who has registered for my networking session (click on the link under your logo)
Access student resumes (case sensitive password: sp21)

How will my virtual session work?

  • We have allowed a maximum of 40 (out of 115 candidates) students to sign up for each 2 hour networking session to make it manageable for you and your team. Think you can handle more? Request that we increase registration.
  • Students have registered in 15 minute increments so they will not be waiting the entire period.
  • City Scholars staff will use waiting rooms and breakout rooms to control the flow of students, sending a new one to speak with you as soon as you’ve finished with a previous candidate.

Who from my company should attend the networking session?

We suggest at least two representatives from your company attend, 1 HR/recruiting and 1 technical.

What is the structure of the networking event?

City Scholars staff will create breakout rooms for each company representative and control the flow of students waiting to speak to your team. We are happy to work with you on a structure that best fits your team, but here is an example:

  • 3 company representatives join the networking session 10 minutes early.
  • 2 company representatives are placed in their own breakout rooms, and City Scholars staff send students in to speak with them one at a time.
  • (Optional) 1 company representative stays in our main Zoom room to greet students and give introductions in large groups.

What should we discuss at this event?

This is a career fair style event. We hope you meet students that you are interested in interviewing for your City Scholars position. Students will be prepared to introduce themselves to you and they may have questions about your company. Be prepared to explain:

  1. A short elevator pitch about your company and your City Scholars position.
  2. What your interview process for City Scholars candidates will be like (multiple interviews? coding tests?).
  3. What you know about your company’s COVID plans for Jan-May.

Which students have signed up for my networking session?

Visit our student facing company page here and click on your company networking event to see a list of students who have signed up for your networking session. These lists should be final 1 day before your event.

Prepare for your networking session by pulling the resumes of these specific students from your resume book.

How can I meet more than 40 students?

If your sessions have filled quickly and you want to meet more students there are two options:

  1. Request that we add additional sign-ups to your existing event. To do this you will need to have a minimum of 2 company representatives attending your event who can each talk to students.
  2. Offer an additional networking session

If your sessions are not currently full, I recommend reaching out to the candidates you are most interested in via email and inviting them to sign up. This shows you are interested in them!

Can I talk with students longer than 3-5 minutes?

We recommend you keep these meetings short in favor of meeting more students. However if you want longer intros, please add members of your team to the networking event so you can get through at least 40 students during your session.

When/How can I interview City Scholars students?

You may invite City Scholars students to interview with you by reviewing resumes OR by creating an interview schedule based on the students you meet at the Networking Event.  You may reach out to students directly to schedule interviews at a time convenient for you and them.

Interviews should be completed by December 3rd in time for you to submit your decisions to City Scholars administrators by December 4th.

Please keep track of the students you interview. We will ask for this information when you submit your ranking decisions.

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